Reduce Stress, Sleep Well And Feel Youthful By Massaging This Point On Your Leg

This massage dates from ancient China and it will help you feel stress-free, sleep better and feel like a youngster again.

Ancient people knew that everything in our organism is connected, so they first realized that some points in our body can have healing properties.  There are a few hundred touch points on our body, which can help with different conditions.

Sleep and Stress Problems Can Be Treated with This Touchpoint

San Yin Jiao spot is a touchpoint that can help you with stress, sleep, and pain and cramps linked to menstruation. It is located on the lower leg, about 10 centimeters above your ankle, on the inside of the leg.

When you find this spot, you should rub it with your hand until it’s warm, just to activate it. When it is activated, you should use two fingers to press this spot and massage it. First, you should do it gently, then start doing it harder.

With What Else Will San Yin Jiao Help?

Besides insomnia, cramps and stress, if this spot is massaged regularly your skin will become more elastic, and that’s all because San Yin Jiao encourages the spleen have better efficiency.

When touching this point, spleen starts replacing blood cells faster and better, and with that more oxygen and nutrients are flowing through your body.

Glowing Skin

You will look fresh and your skin will have a new shine, but that’s not all, you will sleep better and be stress-free.

San Yin Jiao can also stimulate ovaries and uterus, and boost your libido as well. So, if you want to get pregnant, massage this point every evening for about 10 minutes.

Additional Advice

It’s always better when someone else is doing the massage, so call your better half to do it, and take turns.

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