Plants That Might Cure Cancer

Can you imagine plants curing us from more than 100 parasites? Believe it or not, here they are:

  • Young Green Walnut
  • Wormwood
  • Carnation

These plants should be taken together in order to have the effect we want, and that is – curing us. The walnut and wormwood can kill 100 species of adult parasites in different stages of development. Joint together, these three ingredients can cure from cancer.

It is important that we use the green shells from young nuts. It is because the healing properties are contained only while the shell is young and green.

Take a bowl of 5l (ceramic or enamel – not metal) and fill it with green shells from the nuts. Cover the shells with ethyl alcohol, and then add ½ tbsp. of vitamin C powder. Cover the dish with tin foil and let it sit for 3 days.

The amount of wormwood is small but it can’t be done without it. Grind the dried wormwood and put it in empty capsules or sterile glass container.

he third ingredient is a carnation. The flowers should be prepared and kept in the same way as wormwood.


The tincture of nuts should be used as following: Dissolve 1 teaspoon in half a cup of water in the morning. If you are over 70 kg take 2 teaspoons, if over 90 kg take 3 teaspoons. For severe conditions, double the dosage and consume it until fully recovered.

Wormwood – take 2 capsules of wormwood powder before dinner. This should be done for 2 weeks. Then take a capsule a day until fully recovered.

Carnation – take 1 capsule of powder for 10 days – 3 times a day before meals. After 10th day, take 1 capsule a day, before dinner, until fully recovered.

Cure Cancer


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