11-Year Old Girl Made Lemonade To Save Bees And Scored Million Dollar Deal With Whole Foods

Mikaila Ulmer has just 11 years and she is already the founder and CEO of BeeSweet Lemonade, a business she made by herself.

Now, Mikaila set up a deal with 55 Whole Foods stores across the southern United States. This little girl draws national attention and won a $60,000 start-up fund and a trip to the White House.

She appeared on the television show “Shark Tank” where Whole Foods spotted her.

Mikaila got stung by bees two times in one week, and in order to face her fear, her mother told her to study up on them. So, Mikaila found out that these small insects are dying off very fast, and since that presents a danger to the food chain, Mikaila wanted to help.

She found her grandmother’s flaxseed recipe and start making lemonade and selling it. She donated 10% of the profits to save and protect bees around the globe.

Now, Mikaila is focused on growing her business and making new flavors of lemonade. At first, her friends didn’t believe her, but now, they all want to start their own businesses.

“At first, they didn’t believe me,” she told NBC News. “Now I am helping my friends start their own businesses.”

Source: www.wellmindness.com

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